The clear blue waters of Roatan are the perfect place to learn underwater photography, hone your skills, tackle a new technique or experiment with new gear. Located in the Bay Islands of Honduras, this Caribbean island offers beautiful, affordable diving just moments from shore and a wide variety of both macro and wide angle photography opportunites. With over 180 dive sites and a diverse underwater topography, it is the perfect location to take your photography to the next level while enjoying an amazing vacation in a tropical paradise.


Roatan Underwater Photography hosts a range of training workshops that vary in length and focus and are appropriate for all skill levels.   Whether your are a dive club or photography group that would like an evening seminar on a specific topic (composition, lighting, etc), a mini-workshop (1-3 days) focusing on a certain area such as macro or wide angle photography or a week-long comprehensive diving and photography workshop, we stay true to our personalized training philosophy by customizing each workshop to the needs and goals of your group.  If you are an individual who would like to attend one the workshops we host through the year, please contact us to tell us about your goals and find out about upcoming dates.  And be sure to follow our blog for the latest news.


Looking for a special dive trip with a strong underwater photography focus? Want to see a dramatic improvement in your skills?  Join us for a comprehensive diving and photography workshop that will be customized to the needs and goals of your group.  We'll cover a full range of topics relevant to the skill level and interests of your group and dives will be planned to maximize your shooting opportunities. We'll also guarantee that each photographer receives plenty of individual attention to ensure the best possible results. Let us create the perfect diving week for you and help you take your photography to the next level.  


Interested in more in-depth training on a specific topic such as wide angle or macro photography? Our 2-3 day mini-workshops are customized to the needs, goals and time-frame of your group and are an amazing way to push your skills forward in a targeted area.  Workshops start with an evening presentation and are followed by 2-3 dives the next day planned with your training goals in mind. Our professional trainer will join your group on your dives and help participants both in and out of the water to ensure that each photographer receives individual attention and enjoys great results. 



This is the perfect way to learn about a specific topic of underwater photography such as lighting or composition and it only take a few hours of your trip. Our seminars last 2-3 hours and are scheduled at times that won't conflict with your diving schedule.  Our topic presentation is followed by an in-depth question and answer session to ensure that the information is tied back to your group's equipment and experience. Then you can put the information into practice on your dives the next day -- you will see a difference in your work in no time!