Have you always been interested in underwater photography but never had a chance to try it out? Would you love to have some memories of your diving trip to Roatan but don't have a camera of your own? Interested in one of our personalized training programs but don't have your own equipment?  Maybe you are thinking about buying an underwater camera but would like to try it out first? Well renting a camera is the best way to get your feet wet (so to speak) in underwater photography!

Roatan Underwater Photography is a proud dealer for the full line of Fantasea camera & housing packages, accessories and lighting systems.


We offer top of the line camera rentals at very affordable rates. Our Canon G16/Fantasea FG16 packages produce high quality images and are fun to use whether you are just starting out or are a more advanced shooter. We even have a fantastic assortment of wet lenses and strobes to add to your rental to help you push your creativity and results.

We offer daily and weekly camera rentals in West End, Sandy Bay and West Bay.  Our concierge level service means that we set the camera up for you and drop it off at your dive shop or your hotel and brief you on how to use it. Then we will pick it up at the end of your rental and upload all your photos to a Dropbox folder. If you are heading to Roatan and want to reserve a camera for your diving trip, please contact us!



Want to try a camera before you buy it? Rent one of our Canon G16/Fantasea FG16 camera set-ups and receive a 50% credit (of your rental price) towards your purchase of the same gear! If you choose to buy, we'll drop ship a brand new camera/housing right to your door! Where else can you test-drive a camera and housing before making an investment?


We offer an introductory mini course (1 hour) in underwater photography that you can combine with your camera rental...designed to help you get better results from your camera rental. We also offer rentals in conjunction with our more comprehensive personalized training programs. And if you like the camera you learned on...you can take advantage of our try before your buy program and receive a 50% credit from the rental price towards your purchase!


If you are interested in buying gear but are not heading to Roatan -- no worries! We can work with you to determine which products and packages are right for you and your photography goals and drop ship directly to your door! Contact us today to find out how we can help you take your photography to the next level!