Roatan Underwater Photography offers a variety of personalized training programs for all skill levels.  Whether you are picking up a compact camera for the first time or are a more seasoned shooter, we'll create a specialized program for you or your group based on your equipment, skill level, time frame and photography goals. Our targeted training programs are designed to build on your strengths, focus on the areas that will have the greatest impact on your work and provide you with the tools to keep learning and growing. It's really important to us that we make the most out of each training session to maximize your results while creating the most enjoyable and rewarding experience possible.




This is our most customized and flexible program as it is exclusively tailored to you, your equipment, skill level and goals and moves entirely at your own learning pace. You will have the full focus of the professional trainer in all training sessions, both in an out of the water. Please visit our PERSONALIZED PROGRAMS page for more information.


Whether you are a duo, a trio or a larger group, we'll create a training program that is relevant to your group's equipment, skill level and goals. As part of a group, you'll benefit from hearing feedback on each others work, experiences and equipment, which often sparks creativity and learning. Each photographer will receive personal attention, including an equipment and portfolio review, to ensure that learning and results are maximized. Please visit our PERSONALIZED PROGRAMS page for more information.


Roatan Underwater Photography hosts a variety of workshops that range in length and focus. Whether your are a dive club or photography group that would like an evening seminar or a week-long photography workshop, we will create the perfect program for the needs and goals of your group. Please visit our WORKSHOPS page for more information on how to book workshops for you or your group .


What is great about our online training sessions is that they can happen anywhere, at any time. That means we can get a head start before you even get to Roatan by getting some basics out of the way.  Or we can do periodic follow-up sessions after your trip to keep your knowledge fresh and keep moving your photography along. Visit our ONLINE page to learn more.


Our training programs typically begin with an equipment review and portfolio evaluation to asses your skills and determine the best plan to achieve your goals. We usually cover how to get the best results from your equipment, composition, lighting/exposure, workflow/file handling and post processing. We may also get into specific topics such as wide angle photography, achieving a black background in macro, building a portfolio, etc. depending on how much time we have together. The possibilities are endless and very much correlated to your skill level and interests. We also usually include some training dives where in-water techniques are assessed and real-time adjustments can be made.  It really comes down to creating the best plan for you to achieve your goals.  Click here to see how our training programs are structured and how quickly results can be achieved.  For more information on what training program is right for you, pricing, or to how to book, please CONTACT us.