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Join our one-of-a-kind 17-night adventure on board the Palau Siren March 23 - April 9, 2021 to witness three different epic spawning events in one trip! This never-been-done itinerary has taken years of planning to line up just right to hit the spawning of the Twin Spot Snapper, Blue Lined Sea Bream and Bumphead Parrotfish all at various points of the lunar cycle. We will also visit all the best dive destinations in Palau including Ulong Island, Ngemelis Island and the German Channel, Malakal Harbor, Peleliu and the world famous Jellyfish Lake. 

After one full day of diving, our spawning adventure will begin with the Full Moon Aggregation and Spawning of the Twin Spot Snapper. You'll witness ten's of thousand's red snapper rising from the deep to start their mating rituals and see them change color from red to white! These huge aggregations attract bull sharks and oceanic blacktips ready to hunt. These dives happen at a very specific time early in the morning and span 3-4 days. After one spawning dive in the morning, we’ll carry on with a regular dive schedule for the rest of the day.

Then we’ll have 4-5 days while we wait for our next spawning event while we will be experiencing all the best diving Palau has to offer including loads of sharks, mantas (hopefully…don’t want to jinx it!), massive schools of fish, gorgeous reefs and spectacular caverns and WWII wrecks.

Throughout the trip we will also be doing lots of Blackwater Diving. These super exciting night dives occur in complete darkness in the water column using extremely bright lights to attract some of the weirdest and most interesting marine creatures you have ever imagined….including post-larval fish, jellyfish, cephalopods, and crustaceans and so much more. These dives are super fun and addictive …and very photographically productive. So make sure to bring your macro lenses and a good focus light.

Next up will be the Blue Lined Sea Bream Aggregation and Spawning, which only happens three months out of every year in Peleliu. This will undoubtedly be the most fish you ever see at one time — the aggregation can get up 100,000 fish!! As the fish gather, they resemble a mammoth yellow funnel that can get so big it completely eclipses the reef. When it’s time to spawn, males change to a dark black color and females turn pale white when on the chase. The spawning is super fast and multi-directional making for an exciting and challenging capture. Once again, you can expect a lot of predatory shark action.

After 4-5 days of Sea Bream action…we’ll be heading into the New Moon Aggregation and Spawning of the Bumphead Parrotfish, which will be the grand finale of the trip. During these dives, you will witness hundreds of Bumphead Parrotfish aggregating to start their noisy, climatic mating dance. With loud bangs, male Bumpheads bump their heads together like buffaloes to gain superiority over females as they change color and prepare to spawn. As they rise from the sandy bottom to the surface, the fish release their gametes into the water column over and over again, which is truly an awesome spectacle!

Our 17 day adventure will be hosted and guided by Richard Barden of Unique Diving Expeditions. Richard, who is an expert in animal behavior and an award winning professional underwater photographer, has been researching and perfecting the spawning aggregations for nearly a decade and is one of the pioneers of Black Water Diving in Palau. He will make sure we enter the water at just the right times to hit the best spawning action, give informative talks about the spawning and black water diving as well as photo tips on how best to capture these challenging photographic opportunities.

You'll be well looked after by the wonderful Palau Siren crew while you enjoy up to 4 dives a day and fresh, delicious meals that will be awaiting you after your dives. And Francesca will be available for underwater photography mentoring and to assist you in building the best possible portfolio of images from this exciting trip!

The cost for this once-in-a-lifetime adventure is $7999 per person, which is an amazing savings off the regular 10 night + 7 night trip price! Your package includes 17 nights on board the Palau Siren, all diving, Nitrox, gear rental, meals, coffee, tea, soft drinks and beer, transfers to/from the boat and photography mentoring.

Contact us to get more information about this trip, and other upcoming trips, and learn how to secure your spot on an amazing expedition today!