Join our sister company, Fisheye Expeditions, on customized dive and underwater photography trips to the world's most exciting destinations!

Join like-minded divers on a trip of a lifetime while gaining photographic mentoring from professional underwater photographer, Francesca Diaco. who will work with you to ensure that you achieve the best possible underwater image portfolio from your trip! Non-photographers, or those just starting out, are very welcome!

With Fisheye Expeditions you'll visit the most desirable dive destinations in the world and travel in comfort and style. Leave all the planning and logistics up to us while you focus on your adventure and taking your photography to the next level!



Join our special 10-night liveaboard adventure aboard the luxury Palau Siren April 22 - May 2, 2018 to witness the full moon spawning event of the twin spot snapper! You'll witness ten's of thousand's red snapper rising from the deep to start their mating rituals and see them change color from red to white! These huge aggregations attract bull sharks and oceanic blacktips ready to hunt! We'll visit all the best dive destinations in Palau including Ulong Island, Ngemelis Island and the German Channel, Malakal Harbor, Peleliu Island and the world famous Jellyfish Lake. 

Your diving experience will offer beautiful lush reefs, loads of sharks, World War II wrecks, massive schools of fish, mantas, caverns, and so much more! You'll be pampered by the world class Philippine Siren crew while you enjoy up to 4 dives a day and fresh, delicious meals that will be awaiting you after your dives. Sit back, relax and enjoy the eat-dive-sun-sleep-repeat lifestyle while we take care of all the details. Palau, offering remarkable beauty both above and below the surface, is the perfect place to relax and enjoy while improving your underwater photography skills and building a world class portfolio of images.

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